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20 October 2014
   It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble
   Tim Worstall

Would that public discourse, the setting of public policy, took place within the boundaries of those facts rather than being misinformed by what people are sure is true but just ain’t so.
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19 October 2014
   Winning Freedom Requires Some Radical Solutions
   Richard Ebeling

Suppose that there was a button in front of you that if you pushed it would, in one instant, abolish all the governmental controls and regulations on the U.S. economy. Would you push that button, and transform America into a society of free men associating with each other on the basis of voluntary exchange, with government limited to protection of life, liberty and honestly acquired property?
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18 October 2014
   Can't fight reason? Just nuke 'em
   Kent McManigal

Would governments join together in an attempt to attack and destroy a free society which was embarrassing them and attracting "their people" and businesses? Rather than trying to compete, and locking down their "borders" and outlawing emigration, would they simply nuke the free area to "solve" the problem?

I'm afraid I believe they just might do it, since there is no other way they could compete.

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17 October 2014
   Outsourcing Makes Us Richer
   Robert P. Murphy

The logic of free trade is irresistible once a person takes the first step on its path. By effectively paying foreign workers with US dollars when they send us TVs, clothes, and other goods, we give them the purchasing power to buy American exports such as wheat and aircraft components. The opposite holds as well: If American consumers reduce their purchases of foreign-made TVs and other goods, then those foreigners will cut back on their purchases of American wheat and so forth. Ultimately, the video’s suggestion to “buy American” won’t create more American jobs in total, but instead will merely rearrange employment among sectors, making Americans poorer in the process.
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16 October 2014
   22 Brands to Stop Buying Today
   John Ross Crooks

Basically, industry heavyweights recognize their own vulnerability in the natural, organic, non-GMO space. And they don’t like it. So they are eliminating the competition by either swallowing smaller companies or increasing the price smaller companies must pay just to stay in the game.
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