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is to coordinate various initiatives in the defense of individual liberty throughout the world.
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31 October 2014
   2015 SFL Alumnus of the Year Award for Edward Snowden
   Alexander McCobin

Ultimately, the justification for giving this award to Mr. Snowden is simple: it is the right thing to do. There has been no individual in the past year who has done more for the cause of liberty than Mr. Snowden. No summer soldier or sunshine patriot, Mr. Snowden has proven himself to be an individual of impressive character and ability who has made the lives of unknown numbers of individuals freer.
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30 October 2014
   Cameron is Furious
   Get Britain Out

David Cameron got very cross during a press conference today, insisting he will not pay the bill on 1 December when it is due. Nigel Farage pounced on the news, saying the EU is “like a thirsty vampire feasting on UK taxpayer’s money. We need to protect the innocent victims who are us.” We couldn’t agree more. The mood in Downing Street seems to be getting more belligerent with Tory backbenchers frothing at the news. With a rebellion of over 100 MPs due to break out over the opt-in to EU justice and crime measures, all is not well in team Cameron.
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29 October 2014
   Respect for Daddy
   David Hathaway

But I think that most people would rather live in a world where they can speak the truth. Rather than accepting that “lying is a part of growing up” and that at a certain age you join the inner circle of adults that learn that lies and deceit represent the “cold hard reality about how the world really works,” non-sociopathic people feel better being able to speak openly about the moral reality that they clearly perceive in their minds. Breaking out of a lifestyle of deception into one of honest interaction definitely improves one’s outlook. And it is fun to talk openly to people and to not nibble around the edges when describing the 800-pound gorilla in the room. It is enjoyable to have friends that laugh at the state-supporting fallacies in the main stream media. In this day and age, you can actually have contact with those honest people that you didn’t even know existed in the past. Would you rather that your pool of associates shrinks down to a small un-talkative group that only rubber stamps in a short abbreviated fashion the collectivist conclusions of the day; or would you rather joyously discuss a brighter future with those who also excitedly discuss the logic and philosophy behind the world that surrounds us.
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28 October 2014
   My Tiny Cosmopolitan Apartment
   Global trade made my little flat a place of international treasures
   Joseph S. Diedrich

My apartment has only one window, but I feel like I can see the whole world. Every treasure I own is a window to a place I’ve never been and to people I’ve never met.
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27 October 2014
   LGBT Libertarianism: Queer and Free
   Will Smith

I’m proud to be part of a philosophy that holds up the rights of all people: one that is based in ideas instead of politics. A libertarian society is one where everyone is treated the same under the law. It rewards tolerance and benevolence by crushing bigots under the boot of public opinion. It’s a society where people are treated with respect, and where love isn’t defined by a piece of paper. Libertarianism frees markets and builds a culture where everyone can flourish free from state coercion. That is how you help the LGBT community: not by making special rules and different classes of people, but by helping everyone. A freed market would do more to improve the lives of those in the LGBT community than every government program and permission combined.
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