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is to coordinate various initiatives in the defense of individual liberty throughout the world.
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24 April 2014
   A Tank for Venice
   Jocelynn Smith

Venetians are trapped paying into a system that isnít seeing to their needs and doesnít care to listen to what they want. The bloated Roman central government is out of touch with its people, leaving citizens with no choice but to return to the independent republics they once were. By taking back the power to rule themselves, the people of Veneto can address the problems that are concerning them most, and will no longer have to pay for the ills that are plaguing Palermo, Naples or even Rome.
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23 April 2014
   A Call to Action - Democracy at Stake
   Occupy London

Our system of parliamentary democracy is unable to deal with the consequences of a social crisis it helped to create. We are facing record homelessness, while many more struggle to keep a roof over their heads, record numbers are relying on food banks to feed their families, and record numbers are facing fuel poverty as energy prices rise eight times faster than wages. Meanwhile inequality is reaching levels not seen since the nineteenth century.

Nobody voted for this.

It is becoming clear to millions in this country that our system of democracy increasingly functions in the interests of big business and a tiny wealthy elite.

It is for these reasons that the Occupy movement is calling for an Occupation of Parliament Square on Friday 17th October 2014 in order to demand fundamental change to Britainís system of democracy.

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22 April 2014
   A Ride in the Sky
   Sit back and fly!
   The Darn-Poor Rhymer

Iím pressed firmly, comfortably back in my seat.
Bouncing and swaying, the ride goes faster and faster,
Till I get a buzz from the speed, and still it goes faster.
I love take-off; itís the best passive experience in life.

The take-off ride lasts about twenty-five seconds,
Then the machine stands on its tail.
Pinned in my seat, Iím lifted into the sky.
And I think: This is the way to travel!

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21 April 2014
   The Government Is Not Us (Democratic Theory Edition) - Part 2
   Kevin Vallier

So what I want to say in response to Rousseau-Obama-Salon is that in restricted cases, the government can express a small portion of the general will. But in fact, the general will pervades the basic structure of society, which goes far beyond the state, and indeed sharply limits its authority. In this way, I block the attempt to identify a democratic government with the will of its citizens by using many of the same tools as Rousseauís modern day followers. The government isnít us because itís not a plausible expression of the viable and attractive ideal of a general will. We donít need to do away with Rousseauís fundamental political concepts to avoid the Rousseau-Obama conclusion.
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20 April 2014
   Forty Years in the Wilderness? - Part 2
   Keith Preston

The center-left will eventually collapse as it begins to fracture along various lines. As political correctness becomes more deeply entrenched in American society, it will have fewer and fewer inhibitions about showing its fangs. As the role of the Israel lobby in U.S. foreign policy becomes increasingly exposed, the center-left will fracture along pro-Zionist and anti-Zionist lines. As the immigrant and non-white population expands and becomes more powerful, racial and ethnic divisions on the Left will become more obvious. Other contributing factors to the eventual demise of the center-left ruling coalition will be growing class divisions, ideological differences among the left (multicultural vs universalism), the incompatibility of some of the leftís constituent groups (socially conservative blacks and homosexuals, for instance), the decline of the traditional Right as a common enemy and unifying force for the center-left, and the economic bankruptcy of the welfare state. Ultimately, the greatest fault line will be between upper middle class, white, liberals mostly concerned with social issues like gay rights, abortion rights, environmentalism and secularism, and lower class, mostly black and Hispanic, radicals concerned with class and economic issues, framed as racial and ethnic issues.
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