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01 September 2015
   New fracking drive ‘to spark rural warfare’
   John Stevens

Campaigners warned of ‘battles’ to defend the countryside last night as vast new areas of England were left facing the possibility of being fracked.
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31 August 2015
   Who Really Cares About the Poor?: A Socratic Dialogue
   Bryan Caplan

Glaucon: So your point is that democrats and aristocrats are equally bad?

Socrates: A question for another day. But at least on the issue we're discussing, my point is that you democrats are worse.

Glaucon: Worse? How could we possibly be worse than them?

Socrates: They live up to their stated principles. You don't live up to yours.

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30 August 2015
   Riches and Poverty
   Neil Lock

So, why not help the economy to become sustainable, by taking away the unearned privileges of those responsible for others’ poverty – such as politicians, bureaucrats and corporatists? Why not simply replace redistributory taxes, bureaucracies, regulations and anti-business culture by justice, competition in a fully free market, pro-business culture, property rights and a stable, honest financial system?

That would go a long way towards eliminating poverty among civil human beings, no? And wouldn’t winding up morally and financially bankrupt political states, and distributing their assets among those they taxed and other genuine creditors, help a lot as well?

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29 August 2015
   Decarbonize yourselves first!
   Klaus Kaiser

So, expect the crowd in Paris to expedite calls for “decarbonisation” of your wanton emanations of the atmospheric trace (at 0.04%) gas CO2 that also happens to be vital to all life on earth!

Don’t hold your breath though, it’s unlikely that they will lead by example and decarbonize themselves first.

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28 August 2015
   The Poison Called Nationalism
   Sheldon Richman

Nationalism is a poison. It attacks the mind, short-circuits thinking, and makes self-destruction look appealing. Nationalism sows the seeds of hate and war. It makes the title “warrior” an honorific instead of the pejorative it ought to be.
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