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03 March 2015
   Social Conservatives are the Worst Thing to Happen to Libertarianism
   Christopher Burg

Now that I’ve bitched publicly about the damage I believe social conservatives have done to libertarianism I want to make a proposal. Since I’m a libertarian this proposal is made with the understanding that individuals are free to ignore it without consequence. But I would like to see libertarians utilize voluntary association to disassociate with people who express bigoted ideals and loudly shout them down when they start spewing their ignorant bullshit. In other words make it well known that they’re not welcome in libertarian circles. This is the only way I see libertarianism being able to divorce itself from the filth that social conservative have infested it with.
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02 March 2015
   More on the Future of England
   Stephen Moriarty

It takes only a moment’s reflection to grasp the grotesque and tragic ignorance contained in the dismissal of things English. The following, for example, used (and where degraded they must be restored) to be the envy of the world: the right to elect for jury trial; adversarial justice and debate; strictly-defined police powers; an unfettered press and free-speech; the sanctity of the home. I will not try to make a list of English cultural and scientific achievements for obvious reasons.
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01 March 2015
   Bali World Conference on Market Liberalization
   International Society for Individual Liberty

You have a unique opportunity to join friends of liberty in one of the most exotic places on Earth — the tropical paradise of Bali. A friend is offering the use of his lavish estate — which looks like a movie location — for our meetings of the 2015 World Conference on Market Liberalization in Bali!

Luminaries like Milton Friedman have stayed there. The estate is steps from a range of hotels and B&Bs, and restaurants serving sumptuous but inexpensive cuisine. There will be opportunities within the conference to enjoy the incredible beauty of the nearby beaches, nature preserves, and ancient temples. And there is lively nightlife.

We have economists and followers of Austrian Economics and libertarians all over the world coming together at this conference. Here you can make new friends and share your ideas, not to mention the great food and environment.

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28 February 2015
   Can we stop the doom-mongering?
   David Deming

Whenever someone asserts that a scientific question is “settled,” they tell me immediately that they don’t understand the first thing about science. Science is never settled. Science is not a dogmatic body of doctrine. It is an open system of knowledge that establishes probable truths that are subject to continual revision. The entire history of science is one of established theories being overthrown. Astronomers once believed the Sun revolved around the Earth. Naturalists maintained that species were immutable. Geologists thought continental drift was physically impossible. Physicians attempted to cure people by blood-letting. Are we to suppose that the process of history has stopped?
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27 February 2015
   Down with the Presidency - Part 4
   Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

In fact, it is the obligation of every patriot not only denounce a president’s actions at home, but to question, harass, and seek to rein in the presidency when it has sent troops abroad. That is when the watchful eye of the citizenry is most important. If we hold our tongues under some mistaken notion of patriotism, we surrender what remains of our freedoms. Yet during the Gulf War, even those who had courageously opposed this intervention in advance mouthed the old cliches about politics and the water’s edge and “supporting our the troops” when the presidency started massacring Iraqis. Will the same happen when the troops are sent to China, a country without a single aircraft carrier, in retaliation for some trumped-up incident in the tradition of the Maine, the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, and the Gulf of Tonkin?
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