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01 February 2015
   3 Myths About Homeschooling
   Anne Butcher

I have no doubt that a homeschooled student can be just as successful, if not more successful, than the average public school student. I like to think Iím one of them. This isnít to say that Iím the living embodiment of what every homeschooled student is or should be, but it is to say that Iím an individual and this way of life did wonderful things for me. I know itís doing wonderful things for others too. Increased regulation could potentially take this option away, and while it may be an overgeneralization to say it should be completely unregulated, we need to at least make sure our regulations based on fact, not fiction.
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31 January 2015
   "School Choice" is a Stopgap Measure for the Ruling Class
   Thomas L. Knapp

At the end of the day, ďschool choiceĒ isnít the solution. Itís yet another way of avoiding the solution. Homeschooling and non-government cooperative community schools are a start; if the goal is real, meaningful education for a free people, the solution is eventual complete separation of school (and everything else!) and state. Anything less is a dodge and a scam.
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30 January 2015
   Rising From the Bottom to the Top Has Got to Stop - According to the Green Party
   Harry Saville

There are many, many people in the UK who live in relative poverty. There are millions more throughout the world who live in absolute poverty. The way to lift people out of poverty in the UK is through creating sustainable jobs, boosting incomes and improving peoples' lives. The way to lift people out of poverty globally is through developing and supporting economies overseas through trade, investment and targeted aid, in turn creating sustainable jobs, boosting incomes and improving lives. All these require economic growth, in the UK and abroad. When the Economist's journalist therefore suggested the Green's opposition to consumption and economic growth might be problematic for the poorest in the world, Ms. Bennett is alleged to have replied that being poor in India wasn't so bad as to be on benefits in Britain, "because at least everyone else there is poor too." Promoting global economic growth is clearly not on the Green agenda, and clearly they're quite content with the notion that this might mean that people rising from the bottom to the top might have to stop.
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29 January 2015
   The Cashless Economy: Are We Sacrificing Privacy for Convenience?
   Gemma Hunt

In effect, the drive towards a cashless economy is forcing you to provide the kind of information about the way you spend as loyalty schemes have been collecting for years. This information is an incredibly valuable commodity. It has the potential to be used by retailers to target you with personalised advertising messages, and it could even be sold on to other companies. Even if your data is being used alongside your personal information, or you are able to opt out of these kinds of schemes, your data might still be harvested anonymously for market research purposes. If we accept a cashless economy, we may effectively be agreeing to join a huge loyalty scheme. We might get convenience rather than points for participating, but the effect is the same. We share everything we do with the companies that want to sell to us.
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28 January 2015
   My disquiet at obligation to others without liberty
   Neil Lock

Though Iíve found a lot to disagree with in Davidís essay, I do recognize that libertarians and conservatives, radicals and traditionalists, are ultimately all in the same boat. Along, if Iím not hugely mistaken, with all other well meaning, honest and naturally productive people.

We all suffer the predations of a common enemy; the violent, dishonest, immoral, lying, thieving, meddling, out of date political state. And I think that to find and to know the areas in which we can agree, and to illuminate and make clear the areas where we disagree and the reasons why, are good things to be doing in the current phase of the struggle for human liberty.

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