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28 May 2016
   Stick it, Mike
   Tom McLaughlin

It doesn't take much to annoy the "Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Studies" as Michael Mann refers to himself. I mentioned him and his dubious hockey stick graph in only one paragraph of my column published two weeks ago, but Mann responded angrily in a long letter to the editor in The Conway Daily Sun, one of the papers in which it ran.

Mann might be realizing the thin ice he's standing on has nothing to do with global warming. It's cracking under his feet because scientists are not coming forth to assist him with amicus briefs in the court case he brought against Mark Steyn. Mann accused Steyn of "defamation of a Nobel prize recipient," which Mann falsely claimed he was.

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27 May 2016
   Everything I Predicted Has More or Less Become True – Part 3
   Keith Preston

Is it really necessary for anarchists to adopt these kinds of extremist positions?

Is it not preferable to recognize that, yes, the Marxists are right that workers have frequently been oppressed by powerful business interests while, yes, the Austrians are right that state-socialist central planning is awful?

Is it not preferable to recognize that, yes, terrible oppression has historically been inflicted on people of color, women, LGBT people, and others, and that problems still exist in these areas, while recognizing authoritarian dangers associated with PC culture, labeling broad categories of people as “privileged” based on immutable characteristics, the homogenization inherent in global capitalist monoculture, etc.?

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26 May 2016
   Everything I Predicted Has More or Less Become True – Part 2
   Keith Preston

I have also previously predicted that the more pervasive totalitarian humanism became, the more insane it would likewise become, and this is now occurring in the form of the “social justice warriors” that have emerged online and on university campuses with their fixation on “safe spaces,” “trigger warnings,” “cultural appropriation,” and the like. I also suspected that over time what I call “cracks in the PC coalition” would begin to emerge, and the various factions of the Left would eventually begin to cannibalize each other. The most important division of this kind at present is between the Clinton left-liberals and the Sanders social democrats in the Democratic Party but there are many others that are also emerging or continuing long standing rivalries: Black Lives Matter vs. Sanders Democrats, the transgender movement vs. “TERFs” (a term for “trans-exclusionary feminists”), gay men vs. feminists, vegans vs. vegetarians, “sex positive” feminists vs. anti-porn feminists, Asians vs. blacks vs. Hispanics, etc etc etc. Meanwhile, the continued drift of the far Left into the Twilight Zone has produced a huge backlash in the form of the alt right, neo-reactionary, “dark enlightenment,” ”identitarian,” “MRA” and neo-white nationalist tendencies, and many of these tendencies seem to thrive on acting with a vulgar transgressiveness in the face of PC. Additionally, as disdain for mainstream politics and institutions has grown, “conspiracy culture” has also grown exponentially and assumed increasingly bizarre and outlandish forms (such as the “flat earth” movement).
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25 May 2016
   Everything I Predicted Has More or Less Become True – Part 1
   Keith Preston

I have previously predicted that as the right-wing of domestic U.S. politics continues to lose power due to demographic and cultural change, the right would become increasingly militant.
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24 May 2016
   Trump Fans and 'Social Justice Warriors,' Two Sides of the Same Authoritarian Coin
   Elizabeth Nolan Brown

Consider: both the social-justice left and the so-called "alt-right" view the world primarily through identity politics. Whether it's in the service of white nationalism or multicultural flourishing, they encourage individuals to be ever-cognizant of their own race, sex, sexual orientation, etc., and that of those with whom they're interacting. While you might argue that the social-justice left is less dehumanizing or on ethically higher ground in their assignation of everyone to identity categories—their stated goal, after all, is overcoming disparities in relative privilege, not perpetuating them—the effect has still been an increasing collectivism and tendency to reduce people and cultures to socially agreed-upon roles and attributes.
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