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27 June 2016
   Equality, justice and the social contract - Part 2
   Neil Lock

It’s clear that this kind of “social justice” is no more than an excuse for totalitarian government powers. And, when implemented, it leads to a three-class society. On one hand, there is the productive class of honest, economically active people, who are drained of our earnings and denied the wealth we deserve. On the other, there is a recipient class, partly of the lazy and dishonest and partly of the stupid, who are spoon-fed drips of wealth that they do not earn. And between and above the two is a ruling class, that creams off for itself much of the wealth generated by the productive, and feeds the remainder to the recipient class in exchange for their political support.
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26 June 2016
   Equality, justice and the social contract - Part 1
   Neil Lock

Looking at these shades of inequality, I see that those that make inequality out to be a problem often want to go well beyond equality of opportunity, towards something much closer to equality of outcome. Which, as Hayek pointed out, can only be accomplished by a tyranny; and one that has no compunction about taking resources from the talented, the hard-working, the honest and the deserving, and re-distributing them to the mediocre, the lazy, the dishonest and the undeserving.
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25 June 2016
   So, what now following the Brexit vote?
   Keir Martland

I don’t like to gloat. Well, that’s a blasted lie for a start.

Since February, I have been predicting a leave vote in yesterday’s EU Referendum. I predicted this for various reasons, but mainly differential turnout of old people and Eurosceptics. I also sensed that both urban and rural areas would vote to leave, and that there would be a last minute swing from women to leave. However, when I rubbed the sleep from my eyes this morning, I was surprised. I was surprised that the leave vote was just 51.9%. Let’s be honest: this is disappointing.

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24 June 2016
   The Great British Wind Farm Scandal: These Are The Heads That Should Roll - Part 3
   James Delingpole

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that this is the most disgraceful public scandal of our age. And I think it makes a nonsense of our belief that we are a country of great probity with an effective, honest political system. If we were as high minded and decent as we kid ourselves, then some of the parties I have named above would be facing hefty fines or a stint in prison – and certainly the confiscation of their assets to compensate all the people who have lost out as a result of their dishonesty or, at best, grotesquely misguided high-mindedness. Green loons will always be with us. But the very least we ought to be able to expect our scientists, politicians, economists, businessmen and journalists to do is to hold their wild claims to account rather than indulging their fantasy and impoverishing ordinary people as a result.
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23 June 2016
   The Great British Wind Farm Scandal: These Are The Heads That Should Roll - Part 2
   James Delingpole

* The BBC

Never once – so far as I can recall – has the BBC ever called into question the viability of or the need for these industrial blights on our landscape. It’s supposed to be impartial and to represent the interests of the whole country. Yet it has allowed itself to be captured by a narrow establishment with a vested interest in promulgating the renewable lie. This represents a betrayal of trust, an abuse of the licence fee and a failure of journalism.

* The media generally

Here is what ought to be – indeed is – one of the most scandalous wastes of public money in living memory. Why weren’t our journalists on top of this?

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