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25 May 2015
   An Infantile Gesture Masterfully Executed
   David M. Hoffer

Assemble a group of your friends and arm them with sledge hammers. You will also need a bull horn. Oh, and a phone. You’ll want to call a few media outlets and let them know that there is going to be an event worth covering, where, and at what time.

At the appointed hour, stride onto campus, right up to your Infantile Gesture. Using your bull horn, announce that you are disgusted and upset with this poor excuse for art, and that you and your friends are there to give it and the artist what it so richly deserves. Make sure everyone knows exactly who you are. Then proceed to smash the thing into tiny pieces.

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24 May 2015
   I’m dead. Send flowers
   Christopher Monckton

In the context, what this numpty meant was that climate “deniers” like me, even though our detailed and legitimate scientific objections to the climate scam have been reviewed and published in the Science Bulletin (have you and all your friends downloaded our paper from yet?) and many learned journals, were mere political ideologues, while totalitarian true-believers like him, with little knowledge of and no interest in the scientific truth, were the sole repository of “scientific knowledge”.

In fact it is the other way about.

Every so often, I decide not to do what a couple of the other names on the tombstone did. I decided not to laugh it off. A death threat is a death threat. It is no laughing matter.

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23 May 2015
   The 100th Man
   Olumayowa Okediran

"The 100th Man" tells the story of an African village that is burdened by a two-hour uphill walk to fetch water from the nearest river each day. That is, until one entrepreneurial tribesman has the idea to divert part of the river into a small stream flowing downhill to the village. An economy quickly emerges, but it is not without its challenges. I don't want to spoil the ending for you, so I'll stop there.
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22 May 2015
   An odd theory but it’s ours and we like it
   Tim Worstall

Politicians running something (the definition of course of the state running anything) are going to run it with an eye to politics. The art of getting elected is, of course, to build a large enough coalition to get elected. This does mean pandering to various constituencies: the workforce of that state run business, the unions, the capitalists (for a different flavoured coalition) and so on. That concern over getting elected rather outpaces the single minded focus upon efficiency (and if you’re cynical about capitalism, that efficiency can be in extracting profit,) that the private sector at least strives to through competition.
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21 May 2015
   No, we don’t want to bring back National Service
   For the extremely simple reason that it is slavery to the State
   Tim Worstall

But hugely more important than any of those practical reasons is the moral one. National Service is slavery to the State. For 18 months, whatever the service period is, they must put aside their lives to become a cog in the designs of the politicians. This is not something that a civilised society does, impose such loss of liberty upon all.

That military service benefits those who volunteer is just dandy. But the important word there is “volunteer”. The imposition of conscription upon all, whether military or the various “compulsory community service” options being bandied about is an abhorrence.

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