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22 September 2014
   Top-Rated Economies of the World Are Not By Coincidence
   Lawson Bader

But perhaps most impressive is Hong Kong’s growth—not in people or buildings, but in actual land surface. In 1987 I walked along the Kowloon Peninsula Hotel’s harbor promenade. Since then, the city has reclaimed from the water nearly three city blocks in its desire to grow. Now, the Peninsula, while still a grand property, has only an urban promenade out its front door. On most economic freedom indexes, Hong Kong is king—among the top-rated economies in the world for the past 20 years. And it’s no wonder. Creative destruction, not whimsical history, is its modus operandi.
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21 September 2014
   Our Sentimental Humanitarian Age
   Samuel Gregg

Despite its claims to take the mind seriously, sentimental humanitarianism is also rather “uncomfortable” (to use classic sentimental humanitarian language) with any substantive understanding of reason. It tends to reduce most debates to exchanges of feelings. You know you’re dealing with a sentimental humanitarian whenever someone responds to arguments with expressions such as “Well, I just feel…” or “You can’t say that,” or (the ultimate trump-card) “That’s hurtful.”
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20 September 2014
   Morality and Voluntaryism
   Skyler J. Collins

Morality is an idea that can be confusing. To some, morality is whatever their god says it is. To others, morality is what each person decides it is for themselves. And to still others, morality is a tool used by some to force their values onto others. But what if morality isn't any of these things? What if morality means something concrete, something objective? And if it does, what does it have to do with voluntaryism?
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19 September 2014
   The scandal of UK's death-trap wind turbines
   Simon Trump

Deafeningly loud it might have been, but what the Jarvis family had heard – as they were to discover the following morning – had taken place at Bradworthy, a mile away. It was the noise of a 115ft-high wind turbine crashing to the ground.
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18 September 2014
   Daniele Watts and the Need to Legalize Prostitution
   Gina Luttrell

If all of this sounds familiar—discrimination against people of color, stopping and hurting people for peaceful activity, all because something that does not harm anyone is illegal—perhaps that is because it is eerily similar to the stories we hear out of the War on Drugs. Prostitution—not sex trafficking—hurts no one. Consensual behavior between two adults should not be subject to the whims of the state, even when—especially when—that behavior involves sex.

For this, and a hundred thousand other reasons, it’s time to legalize prostitution, and give these people some peace.

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